January 2001     Fractured, Advocate Gallery, Los Angeles (Curated by Marc Arrañaga)

March 1996        Waits Room, Amanda M. Obering Gallery, Los Angeles

March 1995        L.A. Center for Photographic Studies, Video Window, Hollywood

June 1993           Highways, Santa Monica, California

May 1992            Simon Watson, New York

Nov 1991             EZTV, Los Angeles

Oct 1988             EZTV, Los Angeles

Sept 1988           Eilat Gordin Gallery, Los Angeles

Sept 1985            Eilat Gordin Gallery, Los Angeles

Oct 1983              Cal Arts, Valencia, California



2016     S.M.C. Pete & Susan Barrett Art Gallery, “Gender Equity: Is Equity Enough?,” Santa Monica, California

2016     QUEER BIENNIAL II — Yooth: Loss & Found, Los Angeles (Curated by Ruben Esparza)

2000    VIVA, Advocate Gallery, Los Angeles

2000    World Studio Foundation, New York

1998    Kunst Depot, Vienna, Austria

1997    Transamerica Building, San Francisco

1996    Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico City

1995    Museum of Contemporary Art, Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain

1995    Comune di Rapolano Terme, Siena, Italy

1995    La Filmoteca de Andalucia, Andalucia, Spain

1995    El Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Sevillia, Spain

1995    Filmladen Kassel Dokumentorfilm & Videofestival, Kassel, Germany

1994    Inaugural Show, American Center, Paris, France

1994    ARS Electronica, Intelligent Ambience, Linz, Austria

1994    The Works III, Broadcast on KCET, Los Angeles

1994    Filmforum, Los Angeles, Scratching the Belly of the Beast

1993    Newport Harbor Art Museum (now Orange County Museum of Art), Newport Beach, California (World AIDS Day)

1992    Kim Light Gallery, Los Angeles, The Anti-Masculine (Overlapping but not corresponding to the feminine) Curated by Bill Arning

1992    Museum of Contemporarty Art (MOCA), Los Angeles (World AIDS Day, Curated by Carole Ann Klonarides)

1991    Sony Jumbotron/Tibet Film Festival, Times Square, New York

1990    New Langton Arts, San Francisco

1990    White Columns, New York

1989    Laband Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

1989    Bard College, Annendale On Hudson, New York

1988    J. Walter Thompson Gallery, Los Angeles

1988    Hispanic Heritage Art, Tamayos, Los Angeles

1988    American Film Institute National Video Festival, Los Angeles

1988    Third LACE Annuale, Los Angeles (Curated by Jennifer Welles/MOMA)

1988    Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, Brand Library, Glendale, CA (Curated by William Olander, Senior Curator, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York)

1986    Eilat Gordin Gallery (Artists for the Homeless), Los Angeles

1986    Foundation for Art Resources. Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles

1985    EZTV, Los Angeles

1984    Private Eyes, New York

1984    Cotton Exchange, LACE, Los Angeles

1984    Los Angeles Photographers Association, Los Angeles


COLLECTIONS (partial list)

Peter Krikes, Los Angeles

Patrick Owens, New York

David Bonetti, San Francisco

Gloria Goodale, Los Angeles

Eilat Gordin, Los Angeles

Andrew Ong, New York

John Kastelic, San Francisco

Lee Stuart Cox, Los Angeles

Daniela Salvioni, San Francisco

Edward Judd, Los Angeles

Mason Somers, M.D., Los Angeles

Carter Potter, Los Angeles

Kroller-Muller Museum, Otterlo, The Netherlands

BNV, Sevillia, Spain



“Sliver” Paramount Pictures, Video Art Consultant for 49 Monitor, 25 Channel Video installation, 2/93

“Gods & Goddesses” Bally’s Health & Tennis Corporation, Creative Director/Director for 1993 Health Club Commercials.

“The Works II” KCET/L.A., Producer/Director of magazine-variety show comparing and contrasting Los Angeles in the 1960s and in the 1990s, in collaboration with Bruce Yonemoto and Melissa Totten, featuring Ed Ruscha and Mary Woronov. Broadcast: 6/93



1993 – 1995  Curatorial Committee, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

1993              Executive Producer, Out Auction ’93, benefiting The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center

1992              Executive Producer, Out Auction ’92, benefiting The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center