“Hunger (Palm Tree Video)” was assembled from a few isolated seconds sampled from an emotional scene between two lovers breaking up in a major Hollywood movie. The editing was heavily influenced by the early hip-hop, rap and scratch music of the time, as well as jump-cut scenes in other films, especially Charlotte Rampling’s raw melt-down in Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories.” The focus and repetition of slight gestures, fragments of phrases, sighs, gasps and head rolls results in a choreography of desire, passion, love, loss, despair and hate. “Hunger (Palm Tree Video)” was later adapted and included in the video installation”The Ten Worlds.” In an interview with Gloria Goodale of Monitor Radio, the artist was asked about his hyper editing style. “I was excited about the deconstructive rhythms of scratch D.J.s like Grandmaster Flash,” who actively manipulated spinning vinyl records on turntables, creating new music. “I wanted to adapt the method to editing images, even incorporating video glitches.”

Hunger (Palm Tree Video), 1984